Seminar to promote JICA Courses, 2011 February


The Seminar on JICA's Training Programme in Japan and the JICA  Volunteer Programme in Jamaica.  The objective of this Seminar was to inform the participants of the Seminar on the Synergy Effect being created between the former participants of the training programme in Japan and the JICA Volunteers. 
(Photo -Mrs. Marilyn McKoy, JAAJ Board member, & Development Officer at JAID, made a presentation at the Seminar on JICA’s Training Programme in Japan and the Volunteer Service at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, on March 11, 2011.)
These two schemes are merged to create a Synergy Effect.
Presenters were Mrs. Tamar Nelson (below) of the Jamaica Productivity Centre and Mrs. Marilyn McKoy of the Jamaica Mental Retardation


Seminar to promote JICA Courses, 2010 January 


The Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Ministry of Finance and Public Service as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade participated fully in the Seminar and advised us on the government of Jamaica’s priority areas where training is required as well as gave us the commitment that those who participate in the training actually do give back to the community by performing very valuable service.

(Photo - Honourable Dr. Horace
Chang, Minister of Water
& Housing, the keynote
speaker at the Seminar on
JICA’s Training Programme
in Japan held at the
Knutsford Court Hotel on
January 28, 2010.)

The JICA/JOCV Jamaica Office played a vital role in explaining that the institutions should take
responsibility for the success of the programme, ensuring that those trained also hold workshops and
train their colleagues, when they return from Japan. JICA expects the Action Plan and Post Course Reports to be submitted within a given time. Any Follow-Up cooperation required has to be submitted to the JICA/JOCV Jamaica Office. Usually Follow-Up Cooperation is requested through the JICA Alumni Association in Jamaica for activities of the Association.  At the Seminar the representatives broke down into sectoral working groups and discussed the Education, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Tourism, productivity Improvement and other Sectors. The Group Leaders presented their reports at the end of the Seminar and make recommendations for further improvement of the course.

 Photo: His Excellency Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Japanese
Ambassador to Jamaica examines rice grown in Jamaica, as Mr. Alexi Reid explains the project to him. Mr. Reid received a JICA Training award to study for his Master’s Degree in Sustainable Rice Cultivation at Yamagata University
in Japan.)